95% Donor

While reading a friend's post documenting her journey of a bone marrow transplant she made the comment that her bone marrow level was now at 95% donor. I was struck by that notion and thought of how much of ourselves is donor parts. For some this means a physical donation of eyes, kidneys, liver and … Continue reading 95% Donor


The Confederate flag shirt was the first thing I saw as I watched a cousin I had never met walk through the door. Jon and I were at a memorial gathering at my cousin Terry's home. We were celebrating his brother Tony's life with only a few of my 32 cousins on my dad's side … Continue reading Connection

Inside the Chrysalis

Change is not comfortable. Change is not a place people naturally seek. The status quo is much more to people’s liking and is encouraged by others. Does the caterpillar think about the day that it gravitates toward some unknown and possibly scary period where it decides and indeed can’t help it’s self to wrap silken … Continue reading Inside the Chrysalis