Manipulation in the Media: Part One- Sensational Stories

I don't know about you, but I do not like being manipulated. I want to think of myself as a reasonable person who is thoughtful and discerning in regards to who and what I allow into my awareness. After years of therapy, I have come to realize when my feelings and emotions are being high-jacked. … Continue reading Manipulation in the Media: Part One- Sensational Stories

What About the Children?

Recently in the news, there has been a flurry of outrage, indignation, and disgust regarding the separation of children from their parents who happen to have entered the US illegally under the existing law. Most of these are from Mexico. At present, there are approximately 2,000 children in shelters near the Mexican border while the parents are incarcerated in a separate place...Why would a family want to leave their country and do it in a manner that is fraught with danger along with possible criminal repercussions?

When Folks Leave Us Behind: A Perspective on Suicide

Recently a high profile celebrity was in the news. The report wasn't about a recent acquisition of more accolades, but of his demise. His death was ruled a suicide....I want to focus on the people left behind and how they can care for themselves during a tragedy such as this.