Holosync Meditation

I spent 13 years of my life on psychiatric medications for the diagnosis of bipolar. In my memoir- Metaphysical Girl: How I Recovered my Mental Health, I outline the modalities I used to recover and heal from the emotional crisis I went through. One of those ways was meditation.

Now, I know you are probably groaning and rolling your eyes. Many other counselors, life coaches, and would-be gurus say how great meditation is, but you have tried it with no luck. I was just like you. While on all those pharmaceutical drugs, I could barely tie my shoes, much less sit still and chant Om for hours on end. Still, I was suffering, and desperate times called for desperate measures.

I wanted to feel better, so I was willing to try anything. One of my purchases was a CD with specific frequencies on it that were supposed to “balance the left and right hemispheres of my brain,” whatever that meant. I thought, “What the heck. I’ll give it a go.” Since I had nothing to lose but a bit of time, I bought a small portable CD player and headphones. For the next few months, I listened to rain falling and little chimes playing on the CD. I couldn’t tell anything was happening, but listening to the sounds was soothing, and my family left me alone to do my thing for that hour each day.

I had been seeing my therapist for a few years with what felt like very little progress. One day, she asked me if I had been doing something different. I told her the only thing new I could think of was listening to a meditation CD for the past several weeks. I told her what the instructions were and what it was supposed to do. Then I asked why she wanted to know. She said, “You talk about different things now. You seem calmer.” I was surprised at her comments, but she was the only objective person in my life at that time. She saw me once every two weeks for an hour. She said the change happened slowly, and she just that day decided to ask.

I took a look at my life and realized I did feel calmer. My family life had been smoothing out, but I put it down to other reasons. Could it be that I was affecting my family negatively in the past, but now that I was less agitated, they were calmer as well? Some of the medications I took were used on an as-needed basis. I looked in the bottle, and it was nearly full when I usually would need a refill by now. My psychiatrist noticed the change as well and took me off one medication altogether. I decided that maybe there was something to all the hype regarding meditation.

The CD I listened to was called Awakening Prologue. The company was Centerpointe Research Institute, and they have been in the personal growth business since 1989. Holosync technology is their flagship product. This product page can tell you much more than I can. If you want to try out this unique technology for free, take the 5-Day Challenge.

I used the Awakening Prologue for about eight months total. I felt so much better that I began doing things I had not done in years. I stayed out of bed all day, shopped in stores without a panic attack. I was an attentive mother to my children. I even had conversations with my husband that did not revolve around my health. In short, I felt human again.

Full disclosure- I was so busy with my new life that I didn’t keep up my meditation practice. I tried to go to the next level, Awakening Level One but couldn’t keep up the routine. I got off all of the psych meds. I did not fall back into despair, but I was stagnating emotionally and mentally. I was just holding my own and no more. Something had to change.

Almost 10 years had passed when I first began my Holosync Meditation journey. I picked up where I left off at Awakening Level One. I made a new start with my meditation practice and am now halfway through the 12 currently available levels at Purification Level Three. I am astounded at the awareness of life I have experienced using this technology. My life has changed for the better in such a dramatic way that it is almost as if I was never sick. That person does not exist. An upgraded version of me has taken her place. I admit to still having hills to climb and challenges to face. You can’t have been on all those drugs and them not take a toll on your body. The difference is, I feel hope and determination to heal my body as I did my mind and soul. I see possibilities where I once saw only roadblocks.

If you want to meditate but can’t seem to take the plunge, I encourage you to try Holosync. You will get results in months, which used to take years, if ever. If you can sit and allow yourself to listen to nature sounds each day, you will be rewarded with a better life. You don’t have to clear your mind or even chant Om for that hour. The technology makes it easy to change your brain to an upgraded you.

For more information on Holosync Technology and Awakening Prologue, click here!

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