Aries New Moon April 15th-16th 2018 Healing the World Meditation

Aries is a cardinal or focused beginning type energy and it is the first sign in the Western Zodiac. We are also in Spring in the Northern hemisphere which hearkens new growth and new cycles. A New Moon is also a beginning energy that carries us through the next 28 day cycle.

Another aspect of this particular new moon is Uranus, planet of unexpected things, rebellion and out of the box ideas is conjunct or right next to the sun and moon during this event. With all three of these together it gives us a powerful package of energy to work with over the next moon cycle and beyond.

The beginning of a much longer cycle is Chiron, the wounded healer, moving into Aries on April 17th. This is going to bring the focus to the masculine aspects in each of us- the warrior/soldier, the CEO, the boss and all those movers and shakers in the world. For the next 8 years we will be healing the Aries in all of us.

Because this time will be a new beginning in the sign of Aries who is ruled by Mars, the god of war, I felt it would be an auspicious time to have a mass meditation for peace. Quite a number of other groups are asking their followers to join together at this time for this special purpose. A meditation such as this has proven results. I link studies below to give you an idea of the impact we can make together.

Since this will be a very high energy time with Uranus, Chiron and the luminaries in the same sign, you may feel a bit anxious or restless. If you feel you can’t be still and meditate, feel free to do a moving meditation by walking, dancing, twirling, or as simple as rocking in a rocking chair. For those who can meditate in a still way, feel free to change your routine-Uranus likes to shake things up- so go with that energy if it feels right for you.

To get you started feel free to follow these steps but be sure to make it all your own as well:

  1. Find your own sacred space to do the meditation
  2. Set your intention for the world to be at peace-visualize how that will look
  3. Allow the cares of the day to drift by as you feel the peace you are sending out to the world
  4. Allow the peace to encircle you, those you love, your community, your state or province, your country and the globe. See it spiral out into the cosmos.
  5. Do this for as long as you feel is right for you.
  6. As you go about your day or sleeping at night, reflect on that peaceful feeling and the vision you had of that taking place.
  7. Express your gratitude for the peace you have sent forth and for your participation in this event

Don’t be surprised at the way the change happens. You will feel different and you will have made a difference in the world around you. It may appear in the news that things are just as bad or worse. Don’t be alarmed. Change takes many forms but peace will be the outcome.

I look forward to meditating with you all on April 15th and 16th during the Aries New Moon.

Dr. Catherine Denton

Meditation on Peace Studies:

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