The Beginning of Thiel Messages

In June of 2015, I began receiving messages from an entity who claimed to be from the 6th and 7th plane of existence or density. I had never channeled a message from a being before and was a bit fearful at first. The entity said their name was Thiel (pronounced thee-ul). When I looked on the internet to see if there was something that went by this name I discovered the German billionaire and co-founder of PayPal, Peter Thiel. I also found a Nashville, Tennessee company called Thiel Audio. I had never heard this name before hearing it in my meditation that day. I thought it was pretty funny that there was a Thiel Audio company since my Thiel spoke to me and I lived in Tennessee.

For the next two and a half years, Thiel and I communicated. There were 29 messages in all. Each built on the previous and all were uplifting in spirit. After a time, Thiel began calling me Katana. I discovered that a Katana was the primary weapon of the Japanese Samurai. The Samurai way of life was called the Bushido. The most revered tenet was “freedom from fear.” They were to live every moment with no fear of death. Thus began my training to become fearless and know my power.

I share these channelings with you now, on this platform. The first few were mostly for my edification while I grew accustomed to the process. I will begin with our sixth conversation as it seems fitting for our current world situation. I hope you find these messages, posted a couple of times a month, useful or at least interesting.

Voice– Katana, go to your computer.

(I am comfortable meditating as I am [on the couch] and do not want to get up. I am reassured that the feeling will continue if I go to my computer now. So I comply [and type as dictated])

Voice– I am Thiel. You are loved. There is much happening in the world right now and the people will be frightened. You will be one that understands the situation and will know what to do for each who come to you. You have done the work!. They are another you, You will see inside and know what they are feeling. You will know how to calm them and help them recover their calmness.

Me– Where do I need to be? Where do I need to go?

Thiel– You will be and go where you are drawn. We will be with you. Do not be anxious for that. All will be well.

Me– Will the situation happen this week or later?

Thiel– The situation is ongoing and happening now, in the future and in the past. All is NOW so do not concern yourself with time or place.

Me– Do I need tools?

Thiel– You are the tool. You have prepared. You are ready.

(There is a long pause)

Me– Is there more you would say?

Thiel– You are loved. Convey that to the people you see and those that ask. They will find you. You need not seek. Be what they are seeking. Be yourself. We will talk again.

~ Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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