Thiel #9

Voice– Katana

Me– Yes

Voice-I am Thiel.

Me– What message do you have for me?

Thiel- You are loved. Indeed you are love itself. For this is your core self and we would have you know this truth. You are remembering this. Allow it to fill you to the brim and beyond. When do you feel this love, Katana?

Me– When I see my children, my dog, my husband, my parents. When I am outside in the forest, looking at water. Lots of places.

Thiel– When do you not feel this love?

Me– When I struggle with my perception of myself, when I am feeling lost and alone.

Thiel- What is the difference in the situations?

Me– I don’t know.

Thiel- We see love in all and through all. For that is it’s make-up. We see perfection. We see the hidden. We feel the honesty and clarity of each things. There is no distinction for us on this plane. You are sitting on a fence between two worlds, between 2 ways of being. It is as if you have one foot on one fence top and another foot on the other fence top and the fences are getting further and further apart stretching you in two pieces until you must choose one fence top or the other and before you fall into the abyss. You will choose for self preservation will win out over all other feelings. The stronger of the two feet will allow you to choose the fence that is best for you. Feed the foot you wish to choose. You will then find the struggle easier to manage and the choice won’t be hard at all. Each must make this choice so You are not alone or managing this fear-filled journey alone. There is no fear where we are and you will come to this realization when you are ready to feel that.

Give yourself a break and do not demand your idea of perfection as it serves no purpose except to feed the ego mind. All is perfection from our perspective and it needs no explanation for itself to be as it is. Allow yourself to look in the mirror and see the perfection we see. Transform your vision and feel the perfection we feel. We are all one and have no need for individual separation except to allow each aspect to have a chance to learn and grow and shine and have purpose in all things. Realization is wonderful for it allows the all to feel the wonderousness of beginning through each aspect. To begin a journey as a new thing is exciting and fresh. We all glory in that feeling and enjoy experiencing it with you and you and you. We would that all feel the joy we feel all the time and the beginning of a thing is the closest time you feel that joy in this existence. Allow the foot to choose it’s fence top and choose your path without the struggle. You will not fall or regret. This is our message for now.

Me– Thank you

Image by Lars_Nissen from Pixabay

~ I met Thiel in my meditations in June of 2015 during a Gemini Full Moon while Mercury was retrograde. They indicated that they were from the 6th & 7th plane. We had 29 conversations over 3 1/2 years. Interestingly, in astrology, the 29º in any sign is considered a critical degree. One of its connotations indicates a sense of urgency. Gemini is ruled by Mercury and both are concerned with communication. It is with urgency I share these messages with you.

~ ~ Read the Thiel story by Catherine Denton in Metaphysical Girl: How I Recovered My Mental Health
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