Thiel #11

Voice– Katana


Voice-We are Thiel.

Me-What message do you have for me today?

Thiel– You are loved. Indeed you are love itself. Consider a drop in a vast ocean. The drops meld and mold in and around the things that inhabit the water and contain the water at the shore, sea floor and sky. It neither cares nor is considerate of it’s surroundings yet it is enough in and of itself. There is no consideration as to it’s destination or if it even arrives at one. There is no turmoil in the choosing of it’s shore or it’s capacity to hold all it can contain. It is and that is enough for the beings that live within and around the ocean’s BEINGNESS. It holds vast amounts of creatures, minerals, pockets of air, sound, feelings (Yes, it holds feelings!) and allows craft to float on it’s surface or deep within it’s belly. This is of no consequence to it for it is content to BE what it is. There is no judgment, or feeling of inadequacy on it’s part.

We can be as the ocean. Allowing ourselves to go with the flow as it were and allow the things of this life to BE as they are while we BE as we are. Everything is in motion and working toward it’s purpose. When we stop the flow and consider if we are able to hold all that we are made to contain, then we become less than what we really are. We are the ocean, vast, wise and capable. Allow yourselves to BE as you are meant to BE and it will all work for the benefit of all that you can contain within that you are not even aware of yet. This is true for all, there are no exceptions nor would there be as you are all, we are all one.

Me– What of contamination of this ocean? What do we do in this case?

Thiel– There is nothing in this universe that is new. Everything you see and things you don’t see as well has always been. There is no contamination. Things may move from one spot to another but it is all ONE also. If you are aware of something that clouds your vision , you wipe your eye or clean your glasses. Does the dirt or lint go away? No it was merely moved to another spot that is not obstructing your vision. “to Clean” is merely to move something from one place to another.. In another circumstance, to supplement is to move one thing to somewhere else also. So adding things to your body is as easy as removing them. We are all one and can need nothing that is not already there in some way.

Me– Taking a pill to add minerals or medicine is what we have. Is there another way to do this?

Thiel– When you are living in an illusion and doing things within the illusion, is it also an illusion that “you need things”? Remember the ocean. Everything is already there. It flows and it ebbs. Moving something from one place that does not serve to a place that does serve is only a matter of being at peace and at one with it all. To create is only a matter of moving the “already there” elements into place to be of use for the particular project. Everything is already there.

Me- I am attempting to wrap my head around this concept. Help me understand. Download this knowledge and the wisdom to use it. Thank you.

Thiel– It is done and it is done. This is a useful concept for all. It eliminates the scarcity of thought in this world. Allow this to meld with you throughout the day and part of the night. You will see this concept in action as you go about your days and weeks ahead. This is all for now. Be at Peace.

Me– Thank you, Thiel. I appreciate your help.

Image- The Calm Sea
Gustave Courbet French 1869
Metropolitan Museum of Art open Access Collection

~I met Thiel in my meditations in June of 2015 during a Gemini Full Moon while Mercury was retrograde. They indicated that they were from the 6th & 7th plane. We had 29 conversations over 3 1/2 years. Interestingly, in astrology, the 29º in any sign is considered a critical degree. One of its connotations indicates a sense of urgency. Gemini is ruled by Mercury and both are concerned with communication. It is with urgency I share these messages with you.

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