Theil #12

Voice– Katana


Voice– I am Thiel

Me– What message do you have for me?

Thiel– You are loved. Indeed you are love itself. Consider a bird as it is in flight. Riding the wave of wind. This bird dips and dives and swoops and swirls. It is content to ride whatever the wind there is and it only directs its path using the wind and air. The wingless bird is canny and careful of its surroundings. It is always on the lookout for danger and for food. The nesting bird is loving and watchful for its young. It cares for its small ones and feeds its babies.

Me– Why are we talking of birds?

Thiel– A bird’s life is sufficient. A bird is contained. A bird has a song. A bird knows its purpose. And does it. It does not try to be other than what it is.

Me– Are we to be as the birds?

Thiel– To know your purpose so clearly and to ride the wave of life is a sufficient way to live. Sing your song. Feed your young ones. Feed yourself. Be aware of your surroundings. You are having trouble with his transmission. We will speak another time.

Me– Thank you.

~ photo- Pixbay Lars_Nissen / 1131 images

~~I met Thiel in my meditations in June of 2015 during a Gemini Full Moon while Mercury was retrograde. They indicated that they were from the 6th & 7th planes. We had 29 conversations over 3 1/2 years. Interestingly, in astrology, the 29º in any sign is considered a critical degree. One of its connotations indicates a sense of urgency. Gemini is ruled by Mercury and both are concerned with communication. It is with an urgency I share these messages with you.

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