Theil #14

Voice– Katana

Me– Yes

Voice– I am Thiel

Me– What message do you have for me?

Thiel– You are loved. Indeed you are love itself. Consider the stars. Their movement and their aspect. They reveal patterns and places deep within to examine. They can guide your way or hinder your path. The new energy of the stars reveals the depth of our being. We are more than stardust and silt*. We are the brightness of the light and the warmth of the day and the shine that reveals our unique aspects. All of life has this characteristic whether we see it or not is up to us to search for it and know it exists. The way of your world is to not see, not look, and not know but those who do see and look and know are the ones who will find. Allow yourself to be as it is meant to be. Look up and see the patterns and aspects. Examine the world beyond your understanding and know that you can understand if you but will it to be so.

As Ed Harper (a local social worker and folk band artist) explained to shine your light and see to the end of the headlights is enough to stay in the movement of the now time that you measure. Your way will be shown in increments with a destination somewhat beyond your comprehension but not so much that you can not imagine it. Even your imaginings will not be able to fully see the beauty of the final place. But it will sustain you until you are ready for a fuller picture. Do not be discouraged with the journey or the process. It is all being revealed as you are ready to accept it and integrate it. Walk before running and you will not stumble. We will be here when you are ready for us again. Rest and renew yourself.

*Silt- earthy matter, fine sand, or the like carried by moving or running water and deposited as a sediment.

~ Pixbay jplenio / 943 images

~I met Thiel in my meditations in June of 2015 during a Gemini Full Moon while Mercury was retrograde. They indicated that they were from the 6th & 7th plane. We had 29 conversations over 3 1/2 years. Interestingly, in astrology, the 29º in any sign is considered a critical degree. One of its connotations indicates a sense of urgency. Gemini is ruled by Mercury and both are concerned with communication. It is with urgency I share these messages with you.

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