Thiel #16

Voice– Katana

Me– Yes

Voice– I am Thiel

Me– What message do you have for me?

Thiel– You are loved. Indeed you are love itself. Consider energy. It is here, all around and you never have really considered all of what it is, does, or claims. Energy is movement, action but also just Being. It takes energy to maintain a presence. It takes energy to think, to exist. It is taking energy to channel this message. Imagine giving energy. If you can take something you may also give it back in some form. As we have stated before everything anyone could have need of is already here and exists within your reaching for you are all and everywhere. Harnessing energy in a concentrated form is useful and acceptable. Mr. Keshe [the Keshe Foundation Founder] has the right of it with his “machine”. To generate energy is something we all do so why not harness it for a purpose you deem worthy? There are many without power and I do not mean the electric kind though that is true also. Power takes energy that many do not deem a worthy cause if it is in use by oneself. They do not “feel” worthy enough to be a cause they can put their energy into and that is saddening to accept to us. We release our need to control your journey and allow you the powerlessness you feel is necessary for the experience of it. You have come far with the use of energy even though it is only to know the ways it does not serve so that you may choose the ways it will serve the greater good. All of life is energy and therefore useful for the whole. Energetic waves are incoming to this planet and that buffets you and whirls you inside the vortex of the stream. A stream is like a river that flows. As has been stated before everything you could ever want or need is downstream and so it is with this energetic wave that is coming to and around the earth. Accept the energy that surrounds you and you will have a wonderful ride through it all. Embrace the wave and the incoming energy. Feel it pulse through you and around you as it changes your structure to one of pure light and awakened soul. Feel the return of your innate power and the energy that comes with that experience. This is all for now. Be at peace.

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