Thiel #19

I have felt the tugging in my mind and heart to communicate with Thiel and was able to be in that space this morning. As I set myself the intention and relaxed into the chair, my body becoming soft in that familiar way, I enjoyed the sensation of it all for a few minutes and then began to type as directed.

Voice- Katana

Me- Yes

Voice- We are Thiel

Me- What message do you have for me today?

Thiel- You are loved. Indeed you are love itself. Indeed that is really all there is, is love where we are on this plane. It is the “air” we breathe and the “food” we eat. It is like the air you breathe into your lungs and take for granted until it is there no more. A baby in the womb breathes a fluid and then it is thrust into a world where there is light and sound in HD. There is also a foreign substance that it must breathe called air. To leave the plane of existence where it is safe, secure, warm, and loving to have to change so drastically and breathe something it is not used to is frightening and harsh. Here in the 6th and 7th plane, we are warm, safe, secure, and breathing love all the time. The love we enjoy is not the romantic love of the movies and books but the love of existence. The love of breath. The love of all. The acceptance and compassion of all there is and ever shall be. It is our BEING that is love.

Me- How can we as a human on this 3D plane experience this type of love and the existence it engenders?

Thiel– Let go and resist not your calling, your being-ness, your experience. You are here for a purpose and that purpose is to love. To do that is to integrate all that you are, your shadow, and your light. When that happens fully then you will be here on this plane. I speak in concepts that you will perhaps understand but it truly is inadequate to explain the All There Is in such a way as to do it justice. For All There Is is here with you now and in your past and in your future. It is evermore and always been. It is now. In reality, as We know it you have already integrated your light and shadow. It is done and done. And it is yet to be. This may seem a riddle or trick but I assure you it is not. All you are is already here. You have yet in this small life to claim it as part of yourselves. Love is your essence. You just do not realize it all yet to its fullest. Oh, at times you get an “inkling” as you say and at other times you feel it strongly. But to have it permeate your being as though it is not there, such as with air you breathe, that is the true telling of your being as the love you were meant to be. As the frequency of life changes so too does the connection to the love that is all around you, through you, and within you. You are never without it though it feels that way at times when YOU move from the place you feel it the most- when you are truly yourself and in your power. Feel the power you have and FEEL the love that is all around you. Do not seek it for it is elusive that way. Allowing it is the only way for it to “come” to you. Remember the ocean and how the current takes you to and fro and all is mixed in together. Flowing in and out with the tide of life is the way to be and FEEL the love that surrounds you. Feel the chair you sit upon. This is how you FEEL the love that surrounds you. Become aware of it and accept it. Have compassion for yourself and for others in the journey. It is enough and enough.

~ originally channeled February 26th 2016

~I met Thiel in my meditations in June of 2015 during a Gemini Full Moon while Mercury was retrograde. They indicated that they were from the 6th & 7th plane. We had 29 conversations over 3 1/2 years. Interestingly, in astrology, the 29º in any sign is considered a critical degree. One of its connotations indicates a sense of urgency. Gemini is ruled by Mercury and both are concerned with communication. It is with an urgency I share these messages with you.

~ Pixbay Vic_B / 10047 images

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