Nothing Can Stop What is Coming

Nothing can stop humanity from evolving. Oh, it may seem a bit delayed for the moment, but inevitably man’s progress forward happens. If you look at our present trajectory, we were right on schedule for an awakening. We were becoming more unified and humane compared with past eras. We were seeing the good in each other and not always the bad. Altruism was on the rise. Doing good deeds was becoming the norm. We were getting back to a purer source-code- our god-like selves.

Since this was happening, the powers-that-were- the were part is the kicker- were getting nervous. They knew that when humanity moved forward on the evolution path, their days were done. It was a matter of self-preservation for them. What will be the Final Battle had to be initiated. It is not known if they consciously knew that this battle for their survival would ultimately be their doom. For the very thing they thought to save themselves from would become the greatest catalyst the modern world would need to jump forward into their own power- the explosion in the piston making the engine fire and produce movement forward.

Humanities icons who spread 4th and 5th density ideas of unity, sovereignty, freedom, responsibility and love were manifesting the very dream they espoused. More people were “judging not by the color of their skin” than ever before. More of humanity were choosing minimalism and experiences over consumerism and debt. For a power-base that thrives on coercion, this was a dangerous future. In their way of being, there had to be the carrot or the stick reality of life in order for them to stay in power. But this type of living is not sustainable and therefore had to go for men to evolve into the next level of their adventure here on earth.

“Useful-idiots” were deployed to fight the fight of the elite. People who sought money, fame and cultural power were used to push an agenda that kept the status-quo. The folks would Tweet, write books and songs, produce movies, be interviewed or take a knee for the good of the elite empire in exchange for being rewarded as “good and faithful servants” in the eyes of their masters. It takes a village to spread propaganda and these people were more than willing to be used.

Humanity as a whole are survivors. Through the ages, natural disasters, solar kill-shots and our own self-destructive habits, we always managed to pop back up like dandelions in the lawn. We thrive on adversity and challenge. This is a long game and we are the victors at each level. Our ascendancy into higher states of conscious living will happen. I write this piece with a 3rd density state of mind but know these things have already happened in those 4th and 5th states of being. We cannot go back, as it were, to the former ways. It is not our destiny. The game must be played out and rest assured, we always win.

~I woke in the middle of the night and this is what needed to be typed.

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