Thiel Message #8

This message came through in July 2015. These messages were helpful to me then but feel much more pertinent for this now time. My parents died in June 2019, just 16 days apart. Still feeling the sting though not as sharp as before. Time heals but the scar is there.

Voice– Katana

Me– Yes

Voice– I am Thiel.

Me– What message do you have for me?

Thiel– You are loved. Indeed you are love itself.

Me– Why do you tell me this each time?

Thiel– It is important to know. It is the most important thing.

Me– What else do you have for me?

Thiel– Your parents will not ever truly die. You know this. There are many on this planet who are changing and shifting. You are part of this also. It is ever so and has been so. The core, the essence of a person is eternal and therefore not to be gone even in this expression of life here and now. In the 3D look of things it is difficult to watch a person age and deteriorate but their essence is not aging in the same way. It only gains more experience and there fore helps the whole have that experience. You are helping the whole see it from the other perspective by watching it happen to others you care about. This is important and edifying.

Me– I am tired of seeing them go down hill and suffering.

Thiel– You feel emotion for them. (at this point I am crying) This is part of the 3D experience and not to be shunned. You are attached to them and this causes you to suffer with them. Allowing another to go through with their contract is not as easy as it was explained. You are doing a good job and are providing needed data for those that come after you in this experiment that is life here on this planet.

Me– I see my little dog suffer some days and then he seems just as young as before. My parents do the same thing. Why?

Thiel– Such is life here and such is your perception of this life. There are days when you see beyond what is 3D there and you see the perfection of the eternal. Then there are days when you only see what the illusion lets you see. Then you see suffering. Being here with it all in every way that you see it is good and part of the purpose. All in this experiment see as you do at various times. Some acknowledge it and others do not see the difference. It is enough.

Me– Is there more you would tell me?

Thiel– There is a storm coming. Not the conventional storm with thunder and lightening but one none the less. Preparation is needed and information will be provided to weather it all. Continue to look, see, listen and hear for there will be signs of what is to come and you will be led to what is needed to do for yourself and those you love. Be open, be engaged, be honest.

Me– I need to rest now.

Thiel– Yes you need to rest for now and for the time ahead. There is much to do, to be and to expect for it will all be well.

Image by Richard Mcall from Pixabay

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