The Most Wonderful Game

I was given this story in my meditations in 2015. I had been seeking an answer to why I was born to a family that doesn’t seem to understand me. Recently I found the video below this story that confirmed what I found years before. We never truly die. We just change. Put yourself in the story and insert people from your life that fit the various descriptions. Discover who you are in this wonderful game called life.

Once upon a no-time in a no-place, there was, is and evermore a table. This table is large and has many chairs. All around this table and chairs are Masters of a Great Game. These Masters come forward and step back as needed to fill positions in the Great Game. In this Game, the ability to pretend is essential, for here in this no-place and no-time all is Love and Light. All is harmony and oneness. To play the Game is to leave that behind and pretend these things are not there. In the Game, all come to know feelings of lack so that they know what they really and truly have at this moment. At this place of no-place in this time of no-time one steps forward to the table.

“Who will play the Game with me?” asks this one. “ I desire to experience some things so I will know more fully who I am. I desire others who will help me by playing a part in the Game for me and in return, I will play a part for them so they will discover who they are more fully also.”

Many step forward to the table to help this one and also to help themselves, for at this moment there is a Game in progress on the other side that is winding down and nearly finishing an important level. To play at this moment would be especially challenging even for a Master such as they are. Only the best are chosen to play with all others staying on this side to offer help and guidance as needed but even they are limited as to how they give the guidance. The ones on this side can not tell the players directly what to do. They may only nudge those playing by giving signs and urging the players to go in one direction or another. There are many opportunities in the Game because all eventually “win” to go on to the next level if they so choose. In this way, all those playing have choice and free-will. The object of the Game is to discover their true selves and it does not matter how long it takes nor what route the player engages in for there is no right or wrong way in this Game- it is all just experience.

All the players assemble and now this one decides what it wants to experience. “I will be called _[your name]___, in this moment of the Game. I desire to feel a lack of Love so that I may know more fully what Love is on this side. Who is willing to play that role for me and show me a lack of love?”

Another around the table speaks and says, “I am willing to play that part. I desire to feel guilt for in this no-place and no-time I know all is in divine order so pretending to not give you enough love will accomplish my desire. I will play the part of your _[*volunteer]_ in the Game this time.”

“Excellent!” says _[your name]__, “Now, I desire to experience being misunderstood. Who will help me with that?”

“I am willing to play that part since you played that part for me at another point of this Game. I will be your __[*volunteer]__ this time around. I desire to experience confusion and separation so misunderstanding you will fulfill my desire,” says another around the table.

Another one across the table speaks, “I desire to experience self-anger or depression. May I play a role for you in the Game?”

“Yes, if you will be my _[*volunteer]__ in the game, then I can experience what it is like to watch someone hurting and realize I am only responsible for my own well-being so as to not violate others choices,” says ___[your name]_ as they look around the table for more players. “For my next experience, I desire to feel a lack of self-worth. Is there another who will help me accomplish this?”

One next to the one who seeks the “guilt” role speaks up, “I can play that and I will be your __[*volunteer]__ in the Game. I desire to feel no empathy for those different than myself. If you have no self-worth then I can bully you to further your feeling of lack to have this experience with you.”

“Wonderful! This Game is shaping up to be an experience where I will rediscover all the wonderful aspects of this side. All of you will do a great job in your respective roles. I will do my best to give you the experiences you desire in return.” __[your name]__ looks around the table again and asks, “In order for me to not become stuck in any part of the game, I will need those to remind me who I am. Who is willing to play the role of a reminder?”

“I am willing to do that because you were my reminder the last time. I can be a well-loved __[*volunteer]__who gives extra attention to you so that you will feel love without having done anything for it,” volunteers another around the table.

Another volunteer speaks up, “I will help you in that quest and be a__[*volunteer]_ that listens without judgment showing you that you are cared for and thought of with affection.

On and on the discussion goes with many coming forward to help the original speaker and being helped in the process. All willingly took on the roles for the Game just as the original took on their role for them. After the original gets all her players in order another steps forward to plan their experience in the Game. The original comes forward to help this one then that one as each takes their turn in the planning. Lives in the Game overlap and intersect with many twists and turns to keep everything moving and all to experience what they have chosen. Signs are placed along the path to direct the players in many places so that all have the chance to play their parts to perfection. No one is really hurt in their core soul but to feel “hurt” in the Game is essential for the experience.

As each, in turn, leaves the Game through the death of the body, there is a wonderful reunion congratulating each other on their Academy Award performance in The Great Game. Some go on to take on new roles for others coming in and still, others become guides for those still in the Game. Each of them helps the whole to know itself more and more fully so to make the experiences of the aspects of the whole richer, have greater meaning, and expand in consciousness.

And now, let the Game begin!

*friend, relative, teacher, stranger, pet, boss, coworker, authority figure …

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