Checking Your Intution

We all have intuition. Not all of us know how to use it. The phrases Gut Feeling, having a Hunch, my Spidey-Senses are Tingling, and Something smells Fishy are indications of that inner knowing that is occasionally felt. How empowered would you feel if you could tap into this skill any time you needed? As with any potential expertise, practice is an excellent place to start.

Most anyone can learn to play the piano by studying the notes, timing, and finger technique. To play music, a totally different approach is required. You must FEEL the notes, chords, and tune deep within. In this manner, a visceral response is evoked by all who hear you play. Tapping into your own intuition is a similar endeavor. Getting to know your body’s response to questions is where the music or inner knowing is heardYour body will give you clues to what you need to do.

To gain the most clarity from your questions, it is beneficial to discover your beliefs regarding any subject you ask about. If you sincerely believe you will never be able to financially support yourself, that you will always have an illness, or romantic love is hard to find, then your answers will reflect those beliefs. Taking time to heal these misconceptions will go a long way in finding solutions to life’s situations. 

Use this tool to gain clarity and assurance whenever you have a decision to make that you do not feel sure about or need confirmation. This exercise will help you know what it feels like to make a good decision, for your body knows intuitively the outcome for your highest good. Your mind can play tricks on you or make you go in a more ego-based direction instead of heart-based.

  • Make sure you are well hydrated with water.
  • Stand with your feet slightly apart with plenty of room in front and behind.
  • Place your hand(s) over your heart/center of the chest area.
  • Pre-test yourself by asking a question about yourself you know is positive- “My name is (say your real name). Your body will naturally lean either forward or backward (or maybe to the side) without your trying to make it. Usually, forward is yes/positive, and back is no/negative. Your results may vary.
  • Ask a question about yourself that you know is negative. Same procedure as above
  • You may ask your questions now regarding things about or for you. Asking what others should do does not work. Ask what your part in working/being with others is okay using yes/no, true/false questions.
  • Usually, after 3 questions or if you get answers that leave you standing upright (not leaning) then it is time to drink more water.
  • Express gratitude for your answers.

If you are having trouble getting an answer, ask the question in another way. If you ask, “Will I win the lottery?” and your body isn’t sending a clear signal, try a different question. Changing your query to, “Is it for my highest good to win a large sum of money?” may give you a more accurate report. If your answer is no, you can ask, “Is it for my highest good to work for my financial security?” or “Is it for my highest good to be entrusted with a large amount of money?” As I said before, clearing emotional blocks concerning money or whatever you ask about is the best way to get a clear answer.

Once you have used this practice enough to know how your body feels when you ask its advice, you won’t need to go to this much trouble. You will FEEL in your body a pushing away or a drawing toward for your answer. Listening to your intuition and expressing gratitude for its guidance will serve you well going forward in life.

~ Photo by Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash

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