Nothing Can Stop What is Coming

Nothing can stop humanity from evolving. Oh, it may seem a bit delayed but inevitably man's progress forward happens. If you look at our present trajectory, we were right on schedule for an awakening. We were becoming more unified and humane compared with past eras. We were seeing the good in each other and not always the bad. Altruism was on the rise. Doing good deeds were becoming the norm. We were getting back to a purer source-code- our god-like selves. ~ Click the picture to continue reading...

The Golden Rule

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This saying in its basic form is part of many faith traditions around the world. It has been recited countless times in an effort to promote peace among people and among nations. My question to you is- How do we want to be treated? How do we desire to be done unto?

Celebration of Life: Mom & Dad

As a family, we have lived very full lives. Traveling with the Army calling the shots was all we knew and thought everyone else lived this way as well. Though the places we lived and the people we met over the years were incredible, it is the everyday things that are sustaining for us