Red Pill Journey: Duality- Part Four

I mentioned in Part One of this series that we live in a universe of Duality. I believe this is a card we were collectively dealt with. We may not always experience complete awareness of the dualistic nature of our world. Still, it can be seen from a higher perspective. All of life is a product of symmetry and balance. As above, so below. There is no You without Me. The unifying concept of Duality is you can’t have one of these aspects without the other. In that sense, everything becomes one thing connecting with the All.

We experience life through our senses- see, hear, taste, touch, smell- plus some people are aware of their extrasensory abilities. Each of these abilities is in the form of a wave or frequency that vibrates very quickly with only two states of choice- on and off. How fast the vibration determines the sense that is used. Humans can typically see in the range of 405-790 THz. Audible sounds for the same human range from 20 Hz- 20,000Hz. The other senses use other frequencies to understand our world. Humans made computers with this same working in mind with 1’s and 0’s- the on and off frequency wave of the digital world.

With each of these senses, we become aware of the dualistic nature of that which surrounds us. We see lightness and darkness, feel hardness and softness, smell pleasantness and stinkiness, hear sharp and bass sounds, and taste spicy and bland. We can not know one of these aspects without the other to compare or contrast it to. Humans also can decide we prefer one part over the other even if we have never experienced the other. To accomplish this feat, we rely on those who have experienced it to give their opinion. Depending on what we believe about that opinion holder, we decide for or against the thing in question. We can choose to ignore what we do not want, but that does not make it go away, nor make it less valuable.

When we rely on others to experience the world for us, we, in turn, experience a distortion due to using another person to filter the world through. We are taking the Oreo cookie apart to only eat the middle, never knowing how good those chocolate wafers are when they are dunked in cold milk. We may view the other side of something as a waste but the saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” exists for a good reason. Allowing ourselves to seek balance will enable us to remove some of our distorting filters.

Our language gives evidence of our unconscious knowledge of Duality: No gain without pain, no rainbow without the rain, and even in physics, Newton’s Third Law of Motion- for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. We don’t always recognize the “water” we are swimming in. But when we become conscious of this duality-the water that surrounds us- we then can see a choice. Exercising choice in a dualistic universe gives us power. We are no longer hindered by the on/off switch of any current reality. The take-it or leave-it attitude that prevails in an unconscious society can be bent a bit to serve you. You can see a third, fourth, and even fifth choice, such as changing our personal attitudes, choosing both options, and even asking for help to instigate a compromise.

When you see choices within the dualistic nature of life, you go from playing checkers – going this way or that- to evolve into playing chess using strategy and awareness of options. Going along with the on/off of life is much more comfortable in the short-term. I believe being aware and consciously choosing brings greater rewards for long-term outcomes. The symmetry that occurs gives equal weight to all choices. We have but to decide on our individual preference for the goal and go from there.

Image by FelixMittermeier from Pixabay

~ Catherine Denton is currently transferring her book, Metaphysical Girl: How I Recovered My Mental Health to another publisher. Please stay tuned for a re-launch in the near future. Thank you for your support!

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