Integrating Societal Duality

I have laid out my beliefs and thoughts of life’s reality in parts onetwothree, & four of The Red Pill Journey on this blog. Now I give you my perspective on what we do with that reality to mitigate all the other times we have tried to “win the game” of Duality Integration.

There are spiritual traditions that say we have gone through this several times in the past. The cosmological view gives the worlds of Lemuria, Atlantis One, and Atlantis Two as previous attempts. The Hopi give three worlds that have gone before. The first was destroyed by fire, the second by ice, and the third by water. The fourth world is due to end soon- perhaps now. The Mayans believed that all of life followed cycles. According to their calculations left to us on ancient tablets, the recent cycle that includes the equinoxes’ precession has ended. We are transitioning into a new cycle of time.

Looking at our outside world at this moment, it does indeed feel like something is ending. Structures that we have built and relied upon for as long as anyone alive can remember are crumbling. We no longer feel safe, nor can we place our trust in institutions as we once did. Society is divided mostly into two camps, but even these two sides are somewhat fragmented within themselves. It is difficult to see how we can make it through this trying time.

One camp is Service-to-Self (STS) oriented. Generally, this portion of society thinks, acts, and believes in themselves first and foremost. Every action is first considered as “How does this benefit me?” The other camp is Service-to-Others (STO) oriented. Generally, this portion of humanity thinks, acts, and believes in others’ goodness and wants to help those in less fortunate circumstances. The difficulty comes in distinguishing between the two, as many folks are a mix of the two camps. Eventually, one of these sides will be chosen as more inline with their soul-mission goals. We will look at each of these orientations, with our first foray being the Service-to-Others side. It has two main components that we will explore.

Some sage advice from some well-meaning soul once said: If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always gotten. The divide between the two Service-to-Others sides is widening further and further each day. For simplicity’s sake, let’s explore the two factions and see what they offer. We will set aside the detailed fragmentation and deal with broad views. I state right now that I do not believe that one faction is better or worse than the other. My hope is that you understand why when we finish this cursory analysis. We will call these factions Team Jupiter and Team Saturn.

In astrology, the planet Jupiter is called the Great Benefic. It is the planet of luck, fortune, and generosity. Jupiter is known for making things it touches bigger, grander, and more than it usually is. Higher education, travel, humor, philosophy, and faith are all governed by this gas giant. Being the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter has a massive gravitational pull.

When Team Jupiter is balanced, it can enhance a society to become generous, just, and fair, embracing various cultures and lifestyles. It has a nurturing attitude and faith that draws people into its circle. Humane, reasonable, and a respect for authority are this team’s hallmarks. Team Jupiter has excellent organizational skills. With its philosophical bent, this group can imagine a just world in which people and things are in a better circumstance than they were. Team Jupiter is the fun crowd and has an air of conviviality.

If Team Jupiter is not in balance, we find less desirable traits at play. Vanity, partiality, and wastefulness can be exhibited. Jupiter can be excessive. It is possible to have too much of a good thing. A tendency towards over-indulgence, over-promising, and destructive hedonism can be detrimental to Team Jupiter’s cause. In trying to be generous and inclusive for everyone and everything, this team can over-look the reasons to be discerning. In the extreme state, Team Jupiter can have an over-reliance in believing all outside authorities, thereby imposing excessive rules alienating those they try to influence.

Saturn in astrology is considered the Greater Malefic. Structure, hard work, and discipline are its hallmarks. The ringed planet is not straightforward, nor is it happy-go-lucky. It is known to place restrictions and limitations on all it touches. Saturn is the Father of Time. The delays in your life can be laid on Saturn’s shoulders. It is also responsible for productivity, careers, and tradition. While Jupiter has respect for authority, Saturn is the authority. No one gets around Saturn. Saturn perfects, and the rewards are worth waiting for.

When Team Saturn is balanced, much can be accomplished on time and within budget. The i’s are dotted, and the t’s are crossed in their detailed plans. Team Saturn knows how to practice until it is as perfect as it can be. These people are fond of hard work and can take a successful fundraising event that becomes part of a community tradition. Obligation and responsibility are part of the make-up of this team. When a project needs attention, Team Saturn is the authority you can rely on. Helping others to help themselves is the way of Team Saturn.

Team Saturn can become unbalanced. Its need for perfection can make the work and practice boring, taking a long time to accomplish. This group can get bogged down and refuse to alter traditions when they are out-dated. Team Saturn can be so focused on the budget that the reason for the project is forgotten. In being super-responsible, they can have a difficult time allowing others to help. In the search for efficiency, this team can sometimes be harsh in allowing others to be different. In extremes, Team Saturn becomes controlling and dogmatic, refusing to allow for an individual empathetic response.

As with the two significant delineations of folks on planet earth- STS and STO-, the two components of the Service-to-Others path can be a mixture. Very few are pure Jupiter or Saturn. This is fortunate for us all, for that makes it easier to find common ground. Getting these two teams to work together is the goal. When this happens, nothing can stop the good they can do in fulfilling their mission as STO on this planet. Those with more Jupiter leanings can bring big dreams that help the most people. Saturn mindset folks ground that energy by asking the hard questions of time, resources, and sustainability. We need both types of people to do the greatest good for a significant portion of folks while being good stewards with the resources available.

In Part Two, we will look at the Service-to-Self path and what motivates the other major group on this planet. Knowing the people’s energy that makes up the individuals of our world can help you see the inner workings of events and activities that are going on, especially now in this uncertain time. Realizing the motivation of folks helps you see ways to unite instead of divide. In many martial arts practices, you are taught to use your opponent’s energy and momentum to avoid being hurt, thereby allowing them to defeat themselves. When we are aware of what unites us, we can use that energy and momentum to further a positive agenda. We can permit ourselves to indeed be Service-to-Others.


Image by falco from Pixabay

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