Red Pill Journey: My World-View Part One

I believe we are eternal living souls. We all are aspects of God, the Source of All Things. As these different facets of the Sacred Whole, we live lives of various perspectives on this planet called Earth. It is similar to an actor in a play where you are assigned to or try out for a specific character in a production. In one performance or life, we are a hero in the story, but in the next play, we may be the villain. We have the opportunity to be men, women, or perhaps in-between. We play different races and ethnicities. We become an array of humanity during our time working in the Earth Theater. We have been every kind of human, so we can have these perspectives of existence. To have authentic characterizations, though, we cast off the previous role to fully embrace the one we are focused on at any particular time.

Separation exists because we are entangled with our present character and have forgotten that we have literally seen perspectives through other eyes. We live in a universe of duality. Where there are choices to be made and, in consequence, judgments to be cast. These are the lessons, ordeals, or missions that we experience in our lives on this 3D plane. Can you imagine a video game where there are levels of play in increasing difficulty and being in a different environment? Our lives have such similarities. At each level or lifetime, we go through stages of soul growth or remembrance and gather abilities, treasures, and karma. We bring these items with us to each level, so our competence and qualifications increases. We also bring with us the karma we have accumulated. Karma is (in simplistic terms) the reward or penalty for how we have lived our life. It is just like the saying- you reap what you sow. If you sow things that are for the highest good, you receive that as well. If you plant seeds that serve no one well, you harvest the bitter crop that you planted.

This experience of the eternal soul playing a human life is a long one. The game doesn’t end with the death of a particular body. You are merely whisked backstage to rest for a time. You then try out for another part, helping to craft it so that you may have an interesting life. Your job is to stretch your capabilities, hone your skills, and fully be the character you portray. In short, you are to experience life in whatever way your part in the grand scheme needs. Many people choose an orientation of Service-to-Others where much of your life is devoted to the greater good of all. Others decide on the Service-to-Self path where they spend their experience to mostly do things that benefit themselves. If others are helped, it is only a byproduct or somehow furthers their goals. Each of these life paths is on a spectrum where extremes and imbalances can occur. Neither journey is good or bad, both are needed for the production to work. We are mastering Duality Integration at this time.

For the game to move along, we poke and prod other participants, sometimes to the detriment of each other or innocent bystanders. This is the catalyst that we need to push us forward so that we become more aware of our oneness. For each soul aspect, it may take many lifetimes to wake up and integrate a portion of their dualistic nature. When that happens, you are closer to ascending to a different type of game to master- life on the plane of 4D, 5D, and so on. The rules and goals are particular for each adventure.

Since this is a very long game- lifetime upon lifetimes worth- it is easy to see why our focus on one particular life at a time would cause us problems when it comes to stressful experiences we and our world encounter. We don’t always understand in the moment the situation we find ourselves in or the reason why we suffer at times. Grasping the concept that we chose to be here and had a hand in the life we are playing can be confusing and disorienting. Perhaps it makes us refuse to look at the possibility. You may even attack the messenger due to your discomfort. If this is not the case and you want to know more, I will be back with Part Two shortly.

~Image by Martyn Cook from Pixabay

~ Catherine Denton is currently transferring her book, Metaphysical Girl: How I Recovered My Mental Health to another publisher. Please stay tuned for a re-launch in the near future. Thank you for your support!

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