Humanity Can Not be Squelched!

Humans are made to create. It is in our blood, our psyche, our very soul. Our imagination is infinite. It can not be contained; it always finds a way to express itself. Humanity would not thrive without this ability. Each one of us has a spark inside that is unique, memorable and oh so needed for this time. You were built to add to the world your individual creations so that we may all move forward in consciousness.

As humans, we create tools, relationships, agreements, art, shelter, food, ideas, communication, language, life, and so much more. Our capacity for innovation knows no bounds. We draw on the collective consciousness of thousands of years of humanity, perhaps more. We are always creating something.

We are creator beings with individual perspectives, tastes, and opinions. Humanity learns through contrast and comparison. We need something to dislike so that we may know what we do like. We need down compared to up, good in contrast to bad, fear in contrast to safe. This is why food buffets are so popular! Our world is a landscape of variety to compare and distinguish one aspect of something from another.

There are those in humanity who desire control and steer the rest in the direction of their choosing. The would-be controllers attempt to limit those who freely create. They restrain or get others to do it for them. They endeavor to silence, squelch, and censor the contrast to the direction they put forth. Sanitizing, suppressing, or deleting creations from the past may be attempted. They do not realize that history always repeats itself. The present can not be held back. Nature is ever in motion.

To limit or censor another is to put the same constraints on the self. If I say you can not do thus, I am limiting my options as well. Without your input of variation, I can not know what the opposite of that is. This, therefore, limits my choices. If a book or movie is edited or deleted altogether, someone is bound to make another so that the balance of contrast continues forth. Ideas and concepts get recycled and reused. We need them in our lives so that we can draw from their wisdom- the good and the bad. That which serves us helps us feel accomplished while that which serves no one is used as a catalyst to move us forward and look for more of that which provides for the greater good.

Recent attempts at censoring individual voices, especially those that express conservative or alternative to the mainstream-media views, are causing a widening rift in humanity. It may come as a surprise to some, but not all people live in the same reality. There is a consensus in some aspects while not in others, like a VEN diagram with overlapping circles. We may agree we live in the same country, but our lives reflect our attitudes and expectations. For all of us to have the same experiences is to limit our choices. It suppresses our natural creativity. Eventually, it is expressed but in a destructive way that hurts rather than to heal.

In past years, my husband and I would occasionally have dinner out with my parents. Health issues caused them to lose some of their natural optimism and joy while Jon and I were in good health and doing well in our lives. We were all in the same restaurant at the same table with the same server. Our experiences were very different, no matter when we went out or where we ate our meal. Somehow my parents’ meals had something not quite right, or their check would be added wrong. Our meals were usually correct, with no problems. I watched this phenomenon happen over and over.

I observed how my parents acted in public, what they talked about. In contrast to their example, I decided to act and speak differently. As a consequence, my reality became different from the one they experienced. Without this illustration, I would not have known anything else to do. I did not suppress my creative nature and did not limit myself to their experience. Through contrast, I found a way that worked for me, and it gave me an outcome more in-line with how I wanted my life to be.

Observe the difference in visual art between Michelangelo versus Jackson Pollock. How can we dismiss either artist? We may each have our preferences, but to deny another of their choice is limiting us as well. As we create outwardly, our inner landscape changes and recreates itself in tandem. Our tastes in art and other life experiences morph and grow as we walk through our lives. My daughter only ate chicken nuggets as a child. Now, as a 27-year old, she tries new foods all the time. Her limited diet grew as she did in age and maturity.

How are you welcoming contrast & diversity of thought into your life experience? Are you squelching your creativity or the creative expressions of others? Are you casting an unfavorable judgment on someone else’s choices? In the game of Duality Integration- which we are all playing- we need the various shades of opinions and options to make the tapestry of our collective lives rich, full, and meaningful. Invite creative variety. You will be better served for it.

~ Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

5 thoughts on “Humanity Can Not be Squelched!

  1. While I agree with much of what you say here, I do wonder how you view expressions of outright lies and distortions of fact purposefully used to incite hate-mongering and violence (on any side of an issue). When you say “Recent attempts at censoring individual voices, especially those that express conservative or alternative to the mainstream-media views, are causing a widening rift in humanity,” what or who are you referring to specifically? Do you think ALL expression should be encouraged or should there be limits when intentions are harmful? What IS mainstream these days?


    1. I wrote a 3 part series of manipulation in the media a while back on my blog. This gives more specific examples. In short, how can any person discover what is a lie and what is a truth if we are kept from the information presented? What you resist, persists in my view. To push certain narratives or stories out of the lime-light makes them more attractive to folks. People get curious. People are smart though some of our media thinks we aren’t. If we did to our family what the main media outlets do to us- hammer-away at what they deem worthy to present without alternatives or real investigation- it would be considered abuse, gaslighting, & disempowering.
      More and more people are looking beyond what they are being told to believe.
      If things are not true, we have the right to be fools.


  2. By the way, I really appreciated your recent letter to the editor in the Daily Times. A well articulated and important message: what we react to about others can teach us a lot about ourselves.


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