A Sneetch Society

Do you remember The Sneetches of Dr. Seuss fame? It was written in 1961 and intended to be a satire of discrimination between races and cultures. When I look at the news or read an online paper, it seems we are living as either the “star-bellied Sneetch” or the “ones without stars upon thars.” The polarity on any issue or between groups has risen to maddening levels. Watch the video version of the story below.

Watch on YouTube- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdLPe7XjdKc

One thing that struck me when I first watched this many years ago was the Ones Without Stars standing on the outer edges of the Star-Bellied Folk and wishing they were part of that crowd. Why did they not just make their own fun and live their own lives? Hoping for someone else to include you in their group seems foreign to me. Where was their imagination and creative spirit? Just because someone excludes you from something they are doing does not mean that you are not valuable in your own right. It seems we are taking others’ choices and decisions as a personal affront.

Fortunately, in our divided world, some people are taking a stand and going their own way while thriving despite would-be restrictions. In Australia, former restaurant consumers sit outside these establishments having picnics and visiting with people along the sidewalks. They may be on the edge of the Passport-Wielding Star-Bellied folk, but they are making their own fun. This same idea is going on in France.

A group of 2,500 airline professionals has joined a hub started by a Canadian pilot. They, along with would-be passengers, can fly without receiving the shot mandated on most other airlines. This pilot saw an opportunity to provide a service folks needed. Through his initiative, Free to Fly was born.

Prior to the pandemic lockdowns, roughly 3% of the US student population was homeschooled. As of August 2021, that number stands at 11% of American students being taught outside of the traditional public school system. This growing phenomenon is nationwide and encompasses those on both sides of the political spectrum. These students are not from the stereotypical hyper-religious, gun-toting, ignorant families that anti-homeschooling advocates would like you to believe. This trend has hit a tipping point where acceptance of the advantages of homeschooling far outweigh the criticisms some will try to throw at it. Education done under the homeschool umbrella can be as simple as kids studying around the kitchen table or several families joining together to facilitate learning in “pods.” Children taught this way can take day-long field trips to places and get a one-on-one experience. Families can do road trips with their vacation time and learn a new language and culture. There are many models to try if you want to be in charge of your children’s education.

Others are pointing out the unfairness of their country’s mandates and requirements. There are impressively substantial peaceful protests in Italy, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and even in China, filling major cities’ streets. In fact, China has seen a massive uptick in the number of protests due to the draconian measures the CCP has perpetrated against its own people. The CCP has long cracked down on the practitioners of Falun Gong, a peaceful spiritual practice. When they are tossed into camps and prisons, the forced organ harvesting of these folks and other political dissidents has furthered that country’s medical techniques in transplant surgery. The other countries and protests in America are resisting the shot passports that inhibit the livelihoods of tax-paying citizens of these areas.

Though the police and other authorities try to break up protests in Italy using water cannons and fire hoses, the Italians sing and dance while holding each other in the street. First Responders in Seattle brought their uniform boots to city officials as they walk-off the job over the shot mandates. Australian Police also left their job instead of enforcing lock-down rules. Doctors, nurses, firefighters, lawyers, teachers, and regular workers in France, and around the globe, left their employers voluntarily instead of taking the shot. Choosing body autonomy by refusing medical tyranny is a worldwide reality for many folks.

It seems there is no need for the Fix-it-up Chappy, Sylvester McMonkey McBean. Humanity is taking itself into its own hands. Those without Stars, i.e., passports, shots, masks, or fear, are finding their own way. As more people discover their innate power, the control the governments attempt to inflict will be met with indifference. My husband and I found a haven with each other during the beginning lock-downs. Here is my fictionalized version of how we thrived- The Lady and the Warrior in the Land of Kwarinteen. You may want to dam a river, but it will find its way around or through any obstacle put in its path. So goes the human spirit. I wrote about this phenomenon in the post Humanity Can Not Be Squelched.

What I encourage you to do, is live. Live your life your way. If you desire to take the shot, please do. If you are not inclined to take it- for whatever reason- then don’t. We can not make decisions for other people, nor should we. We are each on a journey of self-discovery and soul growth. What we each do with the lives we are given is up to us and us alone. Suppose we allow others to influence, persuade or force us to do something against our own judgment or inclinations. In that case, we will be living with that consequence. If we attempt to unduly influence or force others to bend to our will, we bear the brunt of the karma that action brings to our door. Let us live and let live.

~Image- the star on the Star-Bellied Sneetch

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