Integrating Societal Duality- Part Two

In Part One of Integrating Societal Duality, I introduced you to the Service-to-Others (STO) orientation of a portion of humanity. In Part Two, we will explore the Service-to-Self section of the population. Keep in mind that folks you know, yourself included, have components of each of these two ways of being. To know which camp you are genuinely a part of is in your intent and the percentage of time you live in each state. Again, I need to assert that neither camp is better or worse than the other. Both sides of this human coin are necessary for humanity to evolve from our present developmental condition.

The Service-to-Self (STS) path is one in which you spend most of your time (51%+) in a beingness that puts your needs, wants, and desires ahead of anyone else. Your activities reflect the attitude of “If I do this, what do I gain from it?” Your thinking revolves around how you will be affected by events and circumstances. Your goals are set and implemented without thought as to how you’re attaining them affects others. Any charitable work you do has the underlying aspect of benefiting you in some manner. Simply put, your intention with all you do, think, or say is furthering your agenda. If others gain from your plans, they are a secondary concern, which can make it easier for you to advance more work that ultimately improves your situation without the possible interference of those other beings.

No one is entirely STS in their core being. There is a spectrum of involvement and perhaps even times in our lives that we are more in line with servicing ourselves than at other moments of our existence. When we are young, it is easy to become self-absorbed. When we choose radical self-care such as going to a spiritual retreat or entering an addiction program, we are servicing ourselves for that period, even if we believe we are doing it all for the others in our life. All of us are a mixture of various attitudes and intentions in how we choose to live.

There is a small group among us that are fully invested (95%+) in the STS path. They understand, for the most part, that the human experience is a long game. They serve a higher cause and plan their agenda accordingly. The bit of themselves that exhibit Service-to-Others characteristics are usually reserved for family. They instruct these members in STS ways so that they can further the long-range plans of the whole. Since their planning involves generations of family and close contacts, these folks are usually relatively well-off. The ultimate goal is to gain. At first, it is the acquisition of material goods, then they progress to gaining knowledge, which can include self-mastery. When all that is accomplished, the supreme reason for living will be power. With power, you can achieve that much more without all the work. The menial tasks will be done by others lower in status that desire to have what you have and do whatever it takes to get it.

Those people who follow the STS path but are lower in status represent a fair amount of folks. They have a better mixture of STS to STO but still strive and intend most of their activities to benefit themselves. There is nothing wrong with seeking a better circumstance with financial security. The difficulty is what is required of you to obtain that life when your motivation is self-focused. Your sense of morality and internal compass can be easily compromised. The higher up the ladder you climb, the more of the STO portion of your being has to fall away. You become immune to the plight of those in your sphere except as an obstacle to getting around. You begin to use people to further your plans without seeing them as individuals. Some of what is expected of you may be illegal, unethical, and even immoral. Those who still exhibit compassion and empathy need not apply.

After reading this far, you may be wondering why this type of person is allowed to live the way they do. The answer I find is three-fold:

  1. We live in a dualistic universe with Free-Will and therefore we need two sides of everything to have a choice.
  2. Generations of planning have given them the power to perpetuate themselves and those who wish to be like them to continue as they are.
  3. The existence of the two paths, Service-to-Others and Service-to-Self, offers us all a unique opportunity for soul growth.

Each camp pushes and prods the other so that we all evolve. When the STS people succeed in tamping down the STO folks’ desires, the STS individuals grow in strength with lower status people moving up the ladder. When the STO folks realize they have more power than they were led to believe and push forward in accomplishments, they get closer to integrating and accepting that having power and self-determination is not bad.

At this point, a spoiler-alert may be in order. We live at present in a 3D world which is materialistic in nature. We are moving as a collective into a 4/5D earth. This is due to the progress we have made in our individual and collective souls’ growth. The higher we evolve in our consciousness, the more of the Service-to-Self path will fall away. The energy it takes to suppress, restrict, and control other beings is not sustainable in these higher realms. There will be other opportunities to grow and gain wisdom in the higher states of consciousness that some are now beginning to see and experience.

In our 3D world, we are given a choice in how we want to live our lives. Some proclivities we are born with while other traits are learned in this life. How we grow is not as important as that we do. Moving our collective consciousness en masse is what we are made for, and everyone has their job. It takes each person doing/being what their soul mission requires to integrate societal duality. We have been moving in this direction for quite some time now and are on schedule to accomplish this goal. Moving nearly eight billion 3D individuals to a higher state of consciousness is not easy, nor is it pretty. In fact, at times, like right now, it can be very chaotic. We are on the cusp of the next level in humanity’s mission. No one gets left behind, for we all play the roles we agreed to do to further the whole. Humanity’s long game is to evolve. We are doing that step-by-step, day-by-day. Congratulate yourself on a job well-done because giving up is not an option.

~Metropolitan Museum of Art- Open Access
Tailpiece, silhouette of a king in procession with courtiers and page by John Bennett (1840–1907)

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