Project Upgrade: The Individual

You are comprised of: 84 minerals, 23 Elements, and 8 gallons of water spread across 38 trillion cells.
You have been built up from nothing by the spare parts of the Earth you have consumed,
according to a set of instructions hidden in a double helix and small enough to be carried by a sperm.
You are recycled butterflies, plants, rocks, streams, firewood, wolf fur, and shark teeth,
broken down to their smallest parts
and rebuilt into our planet’s most complex living thing.
You are not living on Earth. You are Earth.
~Aubrey Marcus

Nature is not matter only. She is also spirit.
~Carl Jung

Each of us is a puzzle, a creative spark, and a gift. No one on this earth has any more or less value than another person. We have endured hardships, achieved unimaginable heights of creativity, and inconceivable destruction. We have also shown others unquenchable love and compassion. We are all players in a great game. The creative spark that is our soul essence can not be extinguished nor does it truly suffer.

Our changing world forces us to acclimate. Things can not stay the same. Adapting is the name of the game now. Personal responsibility is coming to the fore. In these modern times, we have become used to blaming others for our suffering. This was not always so. Historically, the ancient way was ‘an eye for an eye” mentality. Equal punishment for wrongs done. We each dealt with another person to settle our differences. We were on equal footing with each other. An individual could therefore extend compassion and forgiveness if they chose.

With the advent of legal entities such as Limited Liability Companies (LLC) and Corporations we abdicated our chance for compassion. Personal injury lawsuits were uncommon prior to televised advertising of lawyers specializing in that field in the late 1970’s. When corporations were more widely used as business models, mediating problems between folks became a faceless endeavor. Blaming a company was easier to do and was profitable for the individual. These businesses had liability insurance to take care of their occasional negligence.

As the universe goes through its upgrade, the individual becomes free. Our recent involuntary confinement gave us the opportunity to know ourselves and what motivates us. Many discovered what they could do without and what they could not. Depending on a person’s state of mind and attitude, they either suffered or thrived. I am aware of deaths that occurred and suffering children. I point out that these things happened when the world was “normal” as well, but we were happy to blame others for this plight. I do not advocate self-flagellation or being overly critical with oneself. I do see though that the gifts we bring to the table are more than enough when we responsibly use them for the welfare of those we care for either personally or in connection with other folks.

Our world is a series of contracts, many of them unconsciously enacted. We have abdicated our inner authority to others we select to act on our behalf with no real oversight by us as individuals. We are content to allow acts to be done in our name, as long as we do not feel personally responsible. Out of sight- out of mind. Becoming aware of the many ways we contract with society, religions, governments and more, we can then take back our power and decide if that is where we want to use our authority or is it better spent elsewhere. Our ethical dilemma becomes personal. We can’t un-see what we are now aware of and are privy to. Choices can then be made, ones that we have considered and weighed against our own personal code. It can be a daunting task to “be a responsible adult” when up until now, you allowed others to dictate your life, even if you did not see it as such.

Freedom is not free but it can be freeing. When we do not have to wait on an outside authority to take action, those closest to the problem can do what needs to be done. The puzzle that must be solved is to make people aware of their own sovereignty. We are powerful as individuals. We are unstoppable as a group. We are a force to be reckoned with when we are free. The realization of our individual sovereignty is the upgrade we will experience. Not everyone will handle becoming this type of human. Some will fight tooth and nail to keep the status quo while others will simply leave the earth plane by various means. For these, dying is preferable to change. For those of us whose soul planned to live through this up-leveling of humanity, it will be rocky, but we were built for this time. Life happens- this new upgraded life- when we were unconsciously making other plans. Let’s now be conscious and enjoy this ride.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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