Thiel #17

Voice– Katana

Me– Yes

Voice– I am Thiel

Me– What message do you have for me?

Thiel– You are loved. Indeed you are love itself. Consider an artist. They have a vision in their mind of what they see for their chosen medium. As their work progresses so does their vision become clearer and clearer. Their vision is more feeling, in the beginning, then it becomes translated to the canvas or clay. They manifest it into reality. Though they started with nothing more than a feeling and a vague shape with a bit of color and style. The feeling is what gets them through the initial stages of the process. Without the feeling they would never complete the project nor would it take any sort of form in this reality. The artist may collaborate with others at some point or draw inspiration from something but the work alone is theirs to do and manifest otherwise it is not their work and accomplishment. As humans, you are all artists and manifestors. The feeling of what you see is what takes it to the next level to become reality as you see it. Manifesting is an art and everyone has the capability to be the artist using the medium they have chosen for the particular project. It matters not what the medium is or how it is used. What matters is the feeling of the artist and the progression of the art.

Me– What if we do not feel artistic? What if there is no inspiration for the manifesting of the reality we are wanting?

Thiel– Calm the mind and body. You can not see the vision when the waters are muddied and moving. You must wait for the vision to appear and that only happens if you are still enough to pay attention to what is happening to you and your surroundings. Take heart, there is enough visions for all and enough reality to make for each and every soul. To bring something into reality takes time in your way of thinking. It is already done to our way of thinking. You must feel the feeling of the doneness. You must already be using the manifestation as if it were in your hand for it to be so. As children, it was fun to play a game of pretending. As you grew it was no longer encouraged. We do not see that as a possibility for us. We use “pretending” as an art form and a step to manifestation. This is what an artist does and it serves them well. This is also a useful tool for your own life. Pretend it is so and feel as if it is already in your hand. This is what makes magic appear before you. An artist may become attached to their art and then be stifled. Play with your art/manifestation but then let it go so you can create more. There is always more. Always. As your mothers and grandmothers used to say to you when they wanted you to “get out of their hair”- Go run and play! This is all we have for you now.

~duongtoan / 1 image

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