Red Pill Journey: Part Two-Suffering

My beliefs hold that we are eternal souls having a human experience that we had a hand in choosing. Now we tackle the seeming conundrum of suffering. If we look at our existence as finite and short, as many do, having a difficult life would be meaningless. Even with the promise of an afterlife like Heaven, Nirvana, Elysium, Valhalla, Jannah, Paradise, Sheol, Swarga, Yomi, the Summerland, or any other world beyond death, suffering is still a hard pill to swallow.

The end goal of Duality Integration and the premise of many lifetimes to achieve this objective helps us come to terms with our fragile lives. In each particular lifetime, we have the opportunity to choose a better way to respond to the slings and arrows of the human condition. While portraying our chosen role, we can hurt and be hurt spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. We can be wounded by believing we are helpless or allowing others to penetrate our boundaries. Perhaps we aren’t listening to our inner guidance, or we take interactions personally. Then again, we could wreck our car, or stand in front of a speeding bullet. The list is endless, and we, as the human race, are very good at finding ways to hurt other people. History is full of atrocities. Compassion has never been our strong suit.

If life was relaxed and carefree with no ripple in our perfect existence, it might be fine for a time, but humans were not made for a quiet life. Duality inherently engenders conflict. There are choices to be made and preferences to determine. Anyone who has ever been on a committee knows that two or more people planning anything will have differing views on something. Compromising on the details of a project is a form of duality integration. It gives us practice for situations we are more emotionally invested in. Allowing others to have their preferences and not taking their choices as a personal assault leaves us free from our suffering. Remember, this is a long game we are playing.

In this 3D plane, our beliefs create what we experience in the world. This is true for the individual and for the collective of humanity. If we believe we are not worthy and have little value, situations that prove us right will show up in our life. If we think people steal, if they get a chance, we will experience theft in some manner. If we accept that folks with our attributes- size, gender, color, etc…- get taken advantage of, we will experience shysters of all stripes. Humans love being correct, and unconsciously seek proof of their beliefs everywhere. Have you ever bought a car, then afterward you drive down the road you see one just like yours everywhere you turn? Our focus makes that happen. We are unconsciously focused on our beliefs all the time because we are our favorite thing to think about. Our views or mindset are the lenses that color our world-view.

When we come into this life as a baby, totally dependent on others for our care, our early circumstances may be challenging or even downright abusive. We may ask, “Why is this happening? They haven’t done anything to deserve this!” Our beliefs can follow us through multiple lifetimes. We can also pick up on the views of our caregivers and ancestors. Perhaps, we have not integrated a particular non-serving mindset and keep brushing off our opportunities to correct it over many lifetimes.

As a consequence, we invite situations that become increasingly difficult to ignore. Perhaps in previous life experiences, we took advantage of others in various ways but shunned any notion of mending our actions. To mitigate our accumulated Karma, we might agree, before being born, to be an abused child to balance the scales.

Our ego is here to keep us alive. Still, it can prove a stumbling block when we desire to integrate duality by compromising in conflict. The ego is made to protect us. It does not want to be hurt and usually assumes the worst intentions of everyone. It takes everything personally. Fear of being wounded is what keeps us from compassion and compromise. We may adopt a get them before they get you mentality. Learning to trust is a heart-centered way to integrate duality. Being emotionally vulnerable and trusting ourselves in the face of adversity can bring us great rewards as we realize our individual part in the oneness of reality. Our ego has its place and need not be squashed. The ego and its fear is the ultimate separation from God/Source of All. Transcending the quest for temporal safety we realize we are always taken care of as an aspect of God. Seeking the higher states of understanding, a bird’s eye view if you will, and exercising compassion puts us on the path of mastery in this life.

**What I am saying about suffering is in no way a scolding for leaving an abusive situation. When abuse is more than we can bear, it is difficult to reason or discern a higher path. Our body goes into a Freeze state where we are too overcome to fight back or run away. In this state, we succumb to what is now called PTSD- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. If you feel this is happening to you, find a way to ask for help. If you witness someone in this shape, offer assistance. Live to make better choices another day.

~ Samson Captured by the Philistines- Guercino (Giovanni Francesco Barbieri)- 1619

~~ Catherine Denton is currently transferring her book, Metaphysical Girl: How I Recovered My Mental Health to another publisher. Please stay tuned for a re-launch in the near future. Thank you for your support!

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