Red Pill Journey: Part Three- Illness

In continuing the series of disclosing my beliefs, we come to the subject of illness and disease. Much has been written in metaphysical circles on this and other details of the human condition. I remind the reader that the cycle of humanity is a long game, encompassing many lifetimes on this earth. Afflictions in one lifetime can spill over into the next. This aspect of generational disorders can plague us if you pardon the pun until the root cause is transmuted and integrated into the family line.

Many folks have enumerated the emotional reasons for various ailments. Louis Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life is one I have consulted, among others. For the most part, illness comes to the physical body through the mechanism of emotional distress. Anger, Fear, Grief, Guilt, and Shame constitute the bulk of the culprits. These emotions, in varying intensities and duration, become lodged in certain portions of our anatomy. Until they are acknowledged, allowed to be felt, and then released, we stay a slave to the effects they wreak on our bodies and minds.

We have several filters from which we view existence. Our overall concept of life- what it is/how it began/why we are here- is the Spiritual picture of our eternal soul. Our beliefs regarding our human experience are considered on our Mental plane. Next in line, we use our Emotional spectacles to decide which feelings will be activated for any situation. Finally, our Physical body goes into action both internally and externally.

If any of the lenses are distorted, that filters down to the subsequent areas. If my Spiritual concept of life is: There is no God or Higher Source, then the next level reflects this distortion. My Mental belief may be: I am alone and can count of no one but myself for help. The next level may trigger Emotions of anxiety & fear when I am overwhelmed and can find no one I can trust. If these emotions are felt with adequate intensity, and for a while, the outcome may be Physical issues with something simple like motion sickness. With extended events of fear & anxiety, I could have problems with my heart. 

On a personal level, it can be challenging (but not impossible!) to discover the root cause of any illness. It could stem from our individual thoughts and beliefs, or it could have a generational aspect that can be hard to pin down. On the collective level, we can also have illnesses and maladies that seem to attack from nowhere. Plagues and pandemics being two mechanisms that humanity has had to deal with. The same lenses can become distorted, and disharmony can flourish. I believe that along with burning off Karmic contracts- deciding as a group before birth to endure specific trials while in human form- there can also be an upside to these diseased events.

The Smallpox epidemic, while devastating indigenous populations in The New World, ushered in a new treatment in the form of a vaccine. Cholera in the mid-19th century paved the way for improved sanitation. The Chinese Bubonic Plague gave scientists of the day research material. They discovered the bacteria that cause it and other historical plagues. Another consequence of mass illness is the reshaping of empires, populations, and governments prior to a leap in human consciousness. I spoke about this concept in The Gift of the Corona on this blog. When humanity is put under pressure for some time, it incubates us and allows a metamorphosis to occur. We get an upgrade individually and collectively. Our understanding of ourselves and how we shape our reality is broadened. It is a collective Ah-ha! moment.

Our current Pandemic is another opportunity to upgrade my inner world. Using my circumstances instead of letting it use me can be a worthy endeavor. I am asking myself- Where in my life have I procrastinated in a self-improvement goal? Who have I neglected in expressing my appreciation for family and others? How can I regain my passion in creative ways? What do I really believe about life?

I encourage us all to use this time of extreme limitation to ponder our life and its recent trajectory. If we have had an illness, what emotion are we harboring deep within? Are we willing to acknowledge our feelings and feel them in a healthy way that does not intentionally harm others? What do we need to let go of, or who do we need to forgive? I am working on these issues and hope you all are as well.

~Image by silviarita from Pixabay

~~ Catherine Denton is currently transferring her book, Metaphysical Girl: How I Recovered My Mental Health to another publisher. Please stay tuned for a re-launch in the near future. Thank you for your support!

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