So much of our lives are lived in our heads these days. We forget that we have a body that has feelings and needs. It is easy to have our minds far away as we are going about our day-to-day activities. We forget where we are or why we walked into a room. We miss-step or bump into things. Sometimes we even blurt out inappropriate words in response to what is happening. All these items can be a symptom of not being grounded. Our mind and body are not working together.

Mental energy builds up in our field and needs to be discharged so we can be present in mind, body, and soul as we traverse our daily living. This can be accomplished in various ways that are simple, yet do take a moment to do. I encourage you to take time to care for yourself and try one of these methods so you may avoid mishaps. If you continue to stay un-grounded, accidents can happen where you or someone else is injured.

Walking or standing barefoot on the earth can be a pleasurable way to discharge mental energy. Soaking in a warm bath with Epsom salts can melt mental stress while grounding your energy using mineral salts. Extending your arms above your head and breathing in, then quickly sweeping them down as you forcefully exhale is another way to get back in your body. Eating spicy food can get your thoughts out of your head and into your body as you enjoy the play of spices on your tongue.

If you want something that gives you a more mindful approach to grounding your body, try this ritual before you get out of bed or soon after you have gone to the bathroom after sleeping/napping.

This ritual promotes clarity of thinking and stability of your body. Also good for after a shock, emotional situation, or when you have trouble focusing.

  • Place one hand on your lower abdomen and keep it there as you do the following with the other hand.
  • With the other hand rub your tailbone for a moment.
  • Then rub the top of your breastbone where your collarbones meet.
  • Follow this with rubbing above and below your lips, pressing against your teeth, at the same time. (thumb below the lip, index finger above the lip)
  • Finish with tapping the top of your head.
  • Repeat with the other hand.

You are now grounded and ready to be your best self! Play around with the different techniques or make up your own. Doing something with your body and paying attention to the sensations are all that is required.

~Photo by Matthias Gellissen on Unsplash

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