Bubbling-Up for Protection

Good prior to stressful situations.
Use this before you leave your home or before a gathering at your home.

We live in a world of frequency and vibration. Our bodies are made up of trillions of atoms that move in and out of “phase” on the quantum level in what we perceive as day-to-day reality. Everything vibrates at various levels of existence. Frequency is not just something we hear. We can also feel this energy if we are paying attention.

For some folks, this energy is picked up by their senses. The outer ones such as see, hear, smell, taste & touch are used in tandem with the inner knowing and feeling. If we are aware of energy around us, we may not respond correctly to a situation when we are overwhelmed by it. It can be difficult to distinguish between our experience and someone else until we learn to detach from others’ vibrations. Have you ever walked into a room full of people and suddenly feel angry or anxious when you were fine just moments before? You may be picking up on the vibration and frequency of the emotions displayed by the people there instead of your own internal feelings.

Until we become adept at separating ourselves from others’ unwanted energetic vibration, we may need to protect our personal field so we can feel better as we go about in the world. This action doesn’t cut us off from feeling empathy, love, or affection for people, like being in a sound-proof room. It is more like an umbrella where you know it is raining but your clothes do not get wet by it.

Empaths feel others’ emotions and state of mind all the time. They feel it strongly in their body where it can have adverse effects on their wellbeing. When they are able to control this gift, it can be a useful tool in energy work, mediumship, and psychic experiences. Discipline is needed to learn to “turn it off” until you intend to use it. Being wide-open to an influx of emotions is draining on the person who is empathic.

Do you have problems with other people’s emotions and energy? Are you Empathic? This ritual will help protect you from unwanted energetic influences and help you pay attention to what you are feeling versus what emotions belong to others.

  • Standing with legs slightly apart
  • Start with 2 deep breaths in through the nose and slowly out through the mouth.
  • Bring hands to chest with palms together.
  • Lift hands above your head together then spread them apart,
  • Stretch them out to your sides and finally down in front of you to lift back up to your chest with palms together.
  • Say these words as you do these motions with intention and authority:

By intention, I ask Creator of all/Universal love/Source/God-Goddess to clear all energies and entities that are not for my highest good.

I submerge myself in a pool of Divine Love

I place a bubble of white (pink, lavender, or violet) light around me where only love may enter.

Thank you!

It is done, it is done, it is done!

Being intentional in this work is key. Energetically protecting yourself is no different than carrying a gun in terms of intentionality. To carry a gun for protection you would check the chamber, carry extra ammunition, and have the training to use it for its intended purpose. Protecting your energy from extra-sensory vibrations that could drain you or cause harm is important for those who experience these situations. Using this ritual before you go out in the world or invite others to your home may help you cope with feeling others’ unwanted emotions. Intentionally protecting yourself allows you to enjoy being with people and not feel emotionally drained.

~ Pixbay Willgard / 792 images

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