Change is a’Comin’

“While living in South Florida, Dad’s family lived in relative luxury compared to many in the (early)1970s. They had an automatic indoor washer, an indoor toilet, a small cottage they rented out in the back yard, and the convenience of town living. Here (an East Tennessee 10 acre farm, mid-70s), there was no indoor toilet for nearly a year and limited bathing facilities, no insulation in the attic or walls with only an oil furnace for the cold Tennessee winters, and an outdoor wringer washer with no access to hot water. Grandpa sold his home to a preacher, who told everyone that Florida would sink into the ocean. He sold all their furniture, appliances, and whatever else someone would buy to lighten their load for the move. The land, of course,
was sold to the preacher so his flock “wouldn’t have the burden of selling it”
before the catastrophe happened.”
~Metaphysical Girl: How I Recovered My Mental Health

My parents lived through various weather events in the United States during their 75+ years on this earth. Florida is known for its hurricanes, electrical storms, along with its hot and humid days much of the year. East Tennessee has been subjected to tornadoes, large hailstones, flash flooding, snow, and ice storms, as well as humidity rivaling a tropical rain forest. Over the years, these events would lessen in intensity or increase in damage depending on various factors. The change could occur due to upper-atmosphere disturbances, solar cycles, lessening of the magnetic field, melting arctic ice, or volcanic eruptions along with other causes.

The planet we live on now is almost nothing like it was a million years ago. It has also changed a significant amount in the past year. This change is nothing new. The current Coupled Model Intercomparison Projects, CIMP6, tracks multiple variables to produce its climate forecast models. Clashes between theories and how to read the data are inevitable. An increasing amount of scientists are discovering that there are more variables to consider but the official sanctioned papers take precedence in many scientific journals. A different view with scientific research to back up its claims is at Suspicious Observers.

Earth’s magnetic shield held stable for several thousand years. Since the mid-1800s, that shield is weakening at a much faster rate each year. It has lessened by 10% as of the year 2000 over the last 150 years. The last 20 years have seen an even faster decline. As the magnetics of the planet decrease, more cosmic rays are able to hit the earth. This activity can cause weather events along with health issues for people. This bombardment of solar frequencies is part of the reason why we are having so many climate-related occurrences. Our weather patterns have drifted to areas not prepared for this level of adjustment. In years past, the Sahara was green and lush. Now it is more of a wasteland where only the hardy and adaptable survive. Science Magazine published an article last February regarding the most recent magnetic shift- Ancient kauri trees capture last collapse of Earth’s magnetic field.

You may wonder why a person who encourages folks in their emotional well-being would bother writing about climate, especially in a way that is not the accepted view. I research everything that impacts mental health. Years ago I came across an Australian study that tracked suicide statistics. The researchers conducted their investigation over several decades. They found that the eleven-year solar cycle coincided with the rise and fall in the number of suicides. I had never considered natural outside forces, such as the sun, to influence a person’s health in this way. I knew about getting your Vitamin D and experiencing a lighter mood with the application of sunlight. Discovering cycles of events in space was new and intriguing. I ordered the Weatherman’s Guide to the Sun from the Suspicious Observers site as it listed the scientific papers and conclusions of researchers in health-related adverse effects of our Sun.

Besides behavioral changes, heart attacks, strokes, and neurological issues can be triggered by sunspots, solar flares, coronal mass ejections, and cosmic ray influx. Adaption is our ticket to riding the climate wave of activity. If we are aware that certain events can happen, we can prepare mentally and physically. The official corporate climate modeling insists that we humans are the major cause of our planet warming beyond acceptability. More non-corporate scientists are delivering research indicating a Grand Solar Minimum in our future where the planet goes through a substantial cooling period. The two climate camps won’t collaborate and allow a better-educated guess for our future.

In my eclectic research, I also found that all the planets in our solar system along with many long-time studied stars and cosmic phenomena are changing at the same time our earth is going through its transformation. Unless the climate scientists are willing to admit humans are on these other planets, we can assume different reasons for the shift are to blame. There is so much we do not know about our universe, the galaxy, our solar system, the planet, and ourselves. What makes us so sure of our conclusions and so stubborn in adjusting our thinking?

We need to prepare. No matter if we get cooler or warmer, adaptability is key. If the climate scientists can’t come to an agreement, we may have to just pick a side and go with that plan. For myself, after reviewing the evidence and listening to my own intuition, I am choosing the Grand Solar Minimum theory. I am taking some of the climate warming advice and reducing my footprint in regards to wasteful practices. I am also augmenting my skills so that I can prepare for the cold. Being self-sustaining is my goal. I feel sure there are others taking this road and perhaps we can join together. A community of individuals with various skill-sets would be a handy thing to be part of, no matter what we face. Think about how you want to tackle the future and begin preparation. If not for yourself, then consider your expertise and pass it on.

~Pixbay Artie_Navarre / 392 images

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