Thriving in These Times

This information is not meant to scare you or think that humankind is doomed. Humans are amazingly resilient. When we have access to full information, we figure things out pretty quickly. Some of this info is not readily available to those who are not looking deeper into the media story. Research is required to get a fuller picture of what we are all dealing with not just on a global level, but a personal one as well. If you suspect some of this info is misleading or wrong, please do your research and let me know what you find. I want to present facts within context if possible.

Since January 2020, Americans along with most countries in the world have been dealing with a virus called SARS-CoV-2, covid for short. The Chinese have a longer history with this virus by at least a few months but the actual start date is debatable. Several mRNA vaccines to mitigate this virus were implemented on a wide scale in late December 2020 and early January 2021 under an emergency use authorization. The statistics for how many people have accepted these vaccines have been exaggerated both ways with as few as 30% of the global population and as many as 75%. Some countries such as Israel, Seychelles, and Gibraltar have a near 85% vaccination rate.

As of December 24th, 2021, the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) has logged 1,000,229 adverse events with a wide range of symptoms. There have been 23,891 life-threatening events with 35,650 permanent disabilities incurred after vaccination. Incredibly, the reporting system has logged 21,002 deaths. To give context, the Swine Flu vaccine was discontinued after only 25 deaths were reported. What makes these numbers even more serious is that VAERS has disclosed that not every event gets reported, perhaps only 1%. Past analysis indicates we should multiply these numbers by at least a factor of 40, then we might be in the ballpark. To give this data some context, ALL the previous vaccine-related deaths reported to VAERS since 1990 (total of 29 vaccines & 8 of these are on the child vax schedule) are only 9,434. Thirty years worth of reporting vs. one year of one vaccine.

In the beginning of the virus pandemic, we were not offered relief of our symptoms until we became too sick to be safe at home. Possible solutions were poo-pooed such as hydroxychloroquine despite its 50-year history of safe usage and weekly use in African countries to this day as a malaria prophylactic. Later on, Ivermectin was also put on the do-not-use-under-penalty-of-law list. Interestingly, a number of other countries, including Uttar Pradesh in India with a population of 240 million, have used this 30+-year-old drug with good results saving thousands/millions of lives when used in the early stages of the illness. The drug was found to inhibit viral replication and modulate the immune response. It is true that both these drugs were initially used to treat parasitic infections. Since their inception, scientists have found other uses for these medications including Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis with HCQ and now covid using either drug with numerous independent studies to prove their efficacy.

A virus, including covid, prefers a certain way to enter the body. Depending on the type of virus, it can enter through respiratory means such as a cold, flu, or measles; through animal/insect bites such as malaria or rabies; through the mouth such as rota-virus, enterovirus 68, or mononucleosis; by way of sexual contact as in HIV or genital warts; through the means of blood such as hepatitis or AIDS. Parasite infections can happen through similar means using dirt, fecal material, blood, contaminated, raw or undercooked food, contaminated water, and infected animals. When you are exposed then touch your eyes/nose/mouth or open wound, you could become infected with a parasite. Since these mechanisms of infection have similarities and deleterious results, this may be why HCQ and Ivermectin seem to have an effect on the covid virus. The virus may be hitch-hiking on the parasite.

A virus is not a living organism. It is a piece of genetic code that needs a host in order to survive and replicate. In order for a virus to “live” in you as the host organism, you must provide opportunity and be permissive. Opportunity is through the various means described above and the virus must find a cell that will let it in, which is being permissive. A virus gains entry through receptors that are on the outside of the cell, much like a lock in which you need the correct key to get it to open. Once it manages to gain entry it then takes over the cell operation like the mafia takes over a business. Its mission is to replicate and take over more cells until the immune system kicks in and removes the virus or there are no more cells to conquer. As an airborne virus, we have all been exposed to covid at this point, so the opportunity has been accomplished. What does it take to be non-permissive?

Vitamin D is not really a vitamin. It is a hormone because it has receptors in the body just like other hormones such as testosterone, estrogen, and cortisol. These receptors are found in most human tissue cells except the liver, muscle, and brain. Vitamin D Receptor (VDR) activation is required for nearly 3000 human systems to function properly. Besides the immune system, healthy bones, and teeth, VDR activation plays a role in liver and drug metabolism and its detoxification reactions. It regulates calcium and phosphate in the kidneys. Nerve Growth Factor (NFG) is enhanced by VDR activation. It interacts with the sexual reproductive processes. Vitamin D deficiency can increase the risk of numerous chronic disorders including type II diabetes, cancer, infections, and cardiovascular, autoimmune, and neurological diseases. Low levels of vitamin D increase the risk of non-Alzheimer’s dementia. The vitamin D receptor is the lock that the covid virus wants to break into.

*Update: After further medical research, the first area the virus attacks are the Ace2 Receptors. Afterwhich, the VDR is triggered. So, it seems there is a middleman before the VDR lock is breached. (March 13, 2022)

Vitamin D deficiency is a problem for most people in the world. More than 65% of Americans don’t have enough vitamin D to keep all of their systems operating in optimal condition. In the past 2 years, that number has surely increased due to isolation, lock-downs, and fear. Sunshine is the best way to obtain this vital nutrient. Very few foods have enough D in them in quantities that are easy to eat. Supplementation is the easiest way to get more but government-recommended amounts inhibit most from getting enough to do any good. The RDA of vitamin D for adults under 70 in the United States is 600 iu (international units). For those older, 800 iu is recommended. The problem is that amount is not enough for a population that is deficient and has been traumatized by warnings of illness, loss of family, loss of employment, robbed of socialization, and banned from places of worship. Trauma and constant stress force your body to dump its stores of nutrients quickly to attack the problem.

In order to keep the covid key out of the VDR lock, you need enough vitamin D circulating to activate the VDR processes in the body. Nutritionists and other scientists who study how the body has evolved and what it now needs have shown that for a regular person with no medical or emotional issues 5,000iu daily is the minimum amount needed. For those of us who have lived through years of processed foods, inadequate exercise, poor sleep habits, and constant stress, we need more. Even if you have lived a healthy life up until 2 years ago, the constant stress and fear induced by media, family, friends, and our own emotions about it all require we top off the tank and consume 10,000iu daily for a while. Blood tests may show you are over the RDA limit in your blood. The toxic effects of vitamin D do not happen at such low doses, in spite of what the out-of-date testing indicates. Optimum D in the blood is between 75 and 120 ng/ml.

There are some conditions that can inhibit your VDR from operating properly and not using the vitamin D available in your body. The Epstein Barr Virus (EBV), cytomegalovirus (CMV), Lyme bacteria, and Gliotoxin, produced by numerous fungi can obstruct the VDR and make it hard to do its job. Another common negative influence on this receptor is Wifi radiation or electrosmog. Statin drugs block the utilization of D due to lowering cholesterol where Vitamin D is made. Cancer patients also have a difficult time absorbing Vit D. For those people who are vaccinated with an mRNA vaccine, it has been shown that the spike protein is found throughout the body and not just in your arm. It also tries to use the vitamin D receptor thus inhibiting/high-jacking not just your immune system, but all the other areas that the VDR regulates. Getting enough vitamin D to flood your systems so that some of it will get into the cell is a way to get past these would-be gatekeepers.

To promote Thriving instead of just Surviving, there are a few adjustments we can make if we are so inclined. The items I will recommend are things I am doing to live as well as I am able. When I find something that is better than something I am doing, I adjust accordingly. Generally, care must be taken with any of the supplements if you have kidney or liver issues. I have seen a Functional Medicine doctor for a few years now and am pleased with his advice along with bringing my research to him so he will know what I am doing. By seeing him, I get the lab reports that are pertinent to what I am trying to correct for my body. I have done a lot of emotional clearing- setting healthy boundaries, forgiving others and myself, & practicing meditation- so that my stress level is manageable.

  • Vitamin D tops my list of supplements. I took 10,000iu daily for over a year and am now at 5,000iu as a maintenance dose. At these doses it is good to take K2 with it as it sends the calcium that Vit D regulates into your bones instead of soft tissue i.e. when forming kidney stones. has the combo on his site as well as Vitacost.
  • N-acetyl L-cysteine (NAC) is a non-essential amino acid. When it was found to be of use in reducing the inflammatory response in covid patients, the government decided it could no longer be OTC and is now mostly available by prescription. There is more info at “Fight Coronavirus with NAC” – Dr Neil Nedley on YouTube. I take 750mg twice a day. Find it at online. My inflammatory marker dropped 6 points after one month of use.
  • Chaga is a mushroom powder that is common in Siberia. It seems to promote longevity and health. I get mine through Vitacost online. I drink 2 scoops daily in hot herbal tea but it can be taken in any hot drink or food like cooked oatmeal or the like. It doesn’t taste like a mushroom but rather like a creamer for coffee. My sleep has greatly improved by using this food.
  • Be creative. Find something you can get lost in and brings you joy. An activity without the use of a screen is best. With so many folks working or schooling from home, limiting screen time can lessen anxiety and promote good sleep habits.
  • Get a few minutes of sunshine (or at least fresh air!) to lift your mood and acquire natural vitamin D. The darker your skin is, the longer you need to stay in the sun. Sunscreen blocks vitamin D absorption, so be careful of burning. Also the further north you live the longer you need to absorb the same amount in a southern area.
  • Find something to laugh about, even if it is just yourself.
  • Let those you love know how you feel. Don’t wait!
  • Forgive others (and yourself) for past mistakes, conflicts and trauma. Forgiveness releases you from the pain of the event. It does not absolve the one you forgive of wrong-doing. You become free to live your best life, not the life they tried to give you.
  • Decide not to live in fear. Make peace with idea of death. Talk with family & friends about what you want when you die (for we all will die one day). Make it okay to discuss issues that keep you afraid. Once it is in the open, fear dissipates. It is even okay to laugh.
  • Read, listen to music, enjoy yourself and any quiet time by reflecting on any beauty you find.

This is the research I have found to be helpful and the recommendations I use every day for myself. I am not a licensed physician and do not prescribe medications. Please, do your own research, talk to a trusted doctor or follow your own intuition. Your results may vary. I wish you health and happiness as you learn to thrive at this time.

~ First Steps, After Milley- Van Gogh, 1890
The MET, Open Access Collection

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