Change is a’Comin’

"While living in South Florida, Dad's family lived in relative luxury compared to many in the (early)1970s. They had an automatic indoor washer, an indoor toilet, a small cottage they rented out in the back yard, and the convenience of town living. Here (an East Tennessee 10 acre farm, mid-70s), there was no indoor toilet for nearly a year and limited bathing facilities, no insulation in the attic or walls with only an oil furnace for the cold Tennessee winters, and an outdoor wringer washer with no access to hot water...

When Folks Leave Us Behind: A Perspective on Suicide

Recently a high profile celebrity was in the news. The report wasn't about a recent acquisition of more accolades, but of his demise. His death was ruled a suicide....I want to focus on the people left behind and how they can care for themselves during a tragedy such as this.